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Why use online counselling?

Everybody has difficulties at various stages of our lives and sometimes we are able to cope with them better than we are at other times. Occasionally there may just be too many problems and we may feel overwhelmed and uncontained. Counsellors at www.OnlineCounselling.com are professionals who specialise in assisting people find their way through the chaos and bring understanding and insight to these situations, enabling you to chart a way towards a more stable and meaningful way of feeling and acting.

Online counselling offers a number of benefits and these include:

  • Privacy
  • Anonymity: While we collect personal information from you during the registration process, this information is treated with the full measure of confidentiality required by regulatory authorities around the world, in the same way as it would be were you to consult any other licensed mental health professional.
  • Convenience: Using email counselling, you enjoy the convenience of being able to email at any time of day or night. If you prefer chat sessions, you can choose to engage these sessions during office hours from any place that you have access to an internet-enabled computer.
  • Cost effective: The cost effectiveness of online counselling arises from the fact they require no travelling to and from sessions and are charged at rates at or below standard medical aid rates. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer, by PayPal or by credit card in advance of the session.

The negative aspects of online counselling include:

  • There is the potential for your information to be accessed by somebody with whom you might share a computer used for online counselling.

Most problems can be dealt with online by our experienced and comprehensively trained psychologists. However, occasionally there are problems that are not suitable for online therapy. During the registration process, if we feel that your problems are unlikely to be adequately addressed by online counselling, our counsellors will offer you appropriate guidance and refer you on to a suitable alternative. Examples of problems that we do not deal with online include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-psychological issues, eg. Financial or legal problems;
  • Child therapy (younger than 18 years);
  • Suicidal and homicidal behaviour;
  • Family or couples counselling.


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What is online counselling? What is online counselling? Why online counselling? Why online counselling? How does it work? How does it work? What does it cost? What does it cost? Get Started Get started Counsellors Counsellors