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What is online counselling?

Online counselling is an internet based service that helps people deal with everyday difficulties, including relationship problems and behavioural and emotional issues. The method has developed rapidly over recent years and is becoming one of the most accessible and popular means of obtaining assistance. There are two methods to choose from, depending on your circumstances and preference. They are Skype and e-mail counselling.


Skype counselling
Skype is a great way of getting almost what you can count on in a face-to-face session. If your internet connection is fast enough, it should allow you to consult with your counsellor via Skype video calls. Sessions are much like they would be with a therapist in their office, only you don't have to travel to your therapist's office and can have your sessions in the comfort of your home or office. 
Email counselling
If you choose email counselling, you and your therapist will exchange detailed emails, typically once or twice a week. It is aimed at fostering greater understanding of your problem and facilitating ways of addressing it with the guidance of the counsellor. Your email is a story of you and your problem and the counsellor will help you to make sense of your issues by offering a different perspective and support in dealing with the difficult feelings you may be experiencing.


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What is online counselling? What is online counselling? Why online counselling? What does it cost? What does it cost? Counsellors Counsellors