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How does it work?

In order to make use of these online services, there is a simple procedure to follow which is aimed at ensuring optimal service to yourself and the adherence to best practice guidelines covering the provision of online counselling.


  1. Establish contact with a counsellor by emailing help@onlinecounselling.co.za. Confidentiality is a vital component of our work and we gaurantee that your details will remain anonymous and will never be used for any purpose other than your assistance with the problems you present. Content of the counselling sessions will remain confidential between you and your therapist, within the limitations of modern technology and professional legal requirements.
  2. Make the payment by either EFT, credit card or PayPal. (Click here for information on the costs of online counselling.)
  3. Your counsellor will arrange a session date and time and you will be given instructions on how to connect to the Skype session, either via Skype chat or online video. No session date is required for email therapy. Regardless of whether you have chosen Skype or email counselling, we recommend that you begin by sending a detailed email to your counsellor, describing your backround, noteworthy events in your life and any other information you feel may be necessary to have an understanding of how you got to what has led you to seek counselling. Details about your current problem and what events led up to it should also be included in this email. If you have chosen email counselling, your counsellor will respond comprehensively to this first email by return email. If you have chosen Skype counselling, your introductory email will be dealt with during your first scheduled Skype session.
  4. On the scheduled date and time, using an internet browser, you would meet in your counsellor's virtual office. At the conclusion of each session, you will be in a position to schedule subsequent sessions with your counsellor.


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What is online counselling? What is online counselling? Why online counselling? What does it cost? What does it cost? Counsellors Counsellors